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1. What is the Optimal pH level for the plant? *Please note, Plant and Strain Dependent
  • SOIL: 6.5 – 6.7
  • CoCo: 5.8 – 6.2
  • Hydro: 5.5 – 6.5

*Quick Tips:

  •  If your pH is off your plant will not accept the correct nutrients
  • Always evaluate pH level after all nutrients have been mixed in first, then adjust accordingly
  • Always keep ph pen cap filled with water or KCI storage solution by Bluelab
2. Why is the plant showing purple stems?
  • Needs Magnesium or incorrect ph
  • Too Low Humidity
  • Low Phosphorus Uptake
3. How to Fix a potted plant in Soil that is retaining to much water?
  • Add Additional perlite to container to allow for aeration
  • Let pot dry out completely before next watering
  • Ensure not to overwater – pots will not need to be watered every day if using soil
4. How do I tell when it’s the best time to water?
  • Lift pot when you first water then lift pot over the next couple days to feel the weight difference, when you notice the pot is light then water again
  • Look at color of soil on top of pot – Grey soil, needs water; Black soil let it go
  • Water Plants right before fan leaves ALL become droopy/edges soft and pointing down
  • Coco will be watered daily/multiple times in flower
  • Soil usually every 2-4 days but will depend on pot size
5. What soil should I use for seeds and clones?
  • Light warrior by fox farm – is our recommendation. 
  • Always remember to choose a medium that has zero to low nutrients to ensure you do not burn the plants in the beginning.
6. Will Cal-Mag supplements will be required when using reverse osmosis water?
Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) water filtration forces water through a series of fine mesh screens removing all contaminants that are too large to pass through the screens. Large Calcium and Magnesium molecules commonly found in tap water are included in this filtration. Due to this process, it is recommended to replace the Cal-Mag that is lost
7. What is the best light to use for Clones?
  • Lower Wattage led, We Recommend Luxx Clone Light 18w
  •  T5 Fluorescent lights
  • Compact Fluorescent Fixture (75w – 125w)
8. Can I flower under a T5 Fluorescent Light?
  • Yes, but your yield will be small – These lights are best for Veg and Seed    Starting
  • We recommend keeping lights close to the canopy of your plant
9. What is the optimal PPM co2 level for flower stage?
  • 500 – 600 ppm Cloning
  • 800 – 900 ppm Vegetative
  • 1000 – 1100 ppm Flowering
10. What is VPD? What Levels should I be at?
  • Vapor pressure deficit (VPD) is the temperature and humidity levels related to the best growth for your plant
  • VPD – Vegetative Stage 0.6 – 1.1
  • VPD – Flowering Stage 1.0 – 1.5
11. Should I start my plant in the pot I am going to finish in?
  • No, always transplant into larger pots for best root development and larger plant structure
  • Transplant up to 3 times, ending in final pot size
12. Best nutrient for beginners?
  • General Hydroponics flora nova grow for vegetative stage and General Hydroponics Flora Nova Bloom for flowering stage is a simple 2-part base line that any cultivator can easily mixed.
  • General Hydroponics Liquid Koolbloom is a great supplement that can be added also for flowering stage.
  • We suggest a nutrient line that only has a 2-part base (Grow/Bloom)
13. Should I feed my nutrient available Soil?
  • Examples: Ocean Forest, Roots Original and Roots 707, Happy frog, etc.
  • You will not need to be feed liquid nutrients for 2-3weeks, or top dress with a dry amendment.
14. What soils would I need to start feeding immediately?
  • Growing Mediums such as, Pro-Mix and Coco based mediums
  • These types of mediums due not have any nutrients in them readily available
15. When Should I start using Cal-Mag with Coco?
  • Due to Coco locking on to Calcium and Magnesium making it less available to the plant, it is recommended that you use Cal-mag in every feed. 
  • When using cal-mag, it’s essential to flush your plants regularly with fresh water to prevent nutrient build-up. Too much cal-mag can lead to nutrient imbalances and even toxicity, so following the manufacturer’s instructions is essential.
16. How do I get rid of spider mites?
  • Cut off all leaves with damage then spray a pesticide every 3 day for 3-4 applications.
  • Dunk and treat cuttings heavily
  • Clean & Seal environment
  • Products: Green Cleaner, Lost Coast, Live Ladybugs
17. How do I get rid of powdery mildew?
  • Spray fungicide a few times and get humidity in room under control.
  • Watch for spiking at night or when the plants get watered
  • Choose mildew resistant varieties to grow
  • Keep Plants Healthy
  • Thin Out bigger fan leaves, and remove any leaf showing signs of Powdery Mildew
  • Recommended Products: Lost Coast, Defguard, Mildew Cure, Amazing Dr. Zymes
19. What’s the Best Bulbs for Veg Stage?
  • T5 6500k 
  •  Metal halide 
  • Lower Wattage LED (200w – 400w)
20. What’s the Best Bulbs for Bloom Stage?
  • HPS 
  • Higher Wattage LED (600w – 900w)
  • Double Ended 1000w
21. How should I support my plants?
  • Trellis Netting
  • Bamboo Stakes
  • Plant Yo-Yo’s
22. What is the best temperature for water to be when I water my plants?
68 degrees
23. Why are my plant roots slimy in my hydroponic system?
  • Water temperature is too high, we recommend using a chiller 
  • Lower water temperature to 68deg or lower
  • There may not be Enough Oxygen in Root zone – We recommend adding air stones and use H2o2 Peroxide
24. Is City Water ok to use on my plants?
  • Yes. But let it sit out for 24-48 hours to allow for chlorine evaporation
  • Bubbling the water is highly suggested by using an air stone and small air pump in a 5-gallon bucket.
  • Try to always use the lowest ppm (parts per million) /EC level possible when flushing
  • We suggest using Distilled water, bottle purified water, Reverse Osmosis water or rainwater if possible
25. Is Well Water ok to use on my plants?
  • Yes. But only if your ppm levels are under 500
  • Make sure to test your well water first for Heavy metals, Excessive salts and nutrients and Diseases
26. When should I Defoliate my plants?
  • In Veg Stage remove large fan leaves every 2-3 weeks
  • In Flowering Stage remove large fans leaves during Week 3
27. What are the benefits of Co2?
  • Co2 can help add up to 30% to your yield
  • When running co2, room temperature can run 5-10 degrees warmer.
  • Outside fresh air is around 450 ppm co2 levels, so that’s the minimum co2 level you want in your room
28. What to do if you’re not Using CO2?

Make sure to have recirculating Air in your room or tent. This will bring in fresh Co2 that the plants will need.

29. What is the benefit of using molasses?
  • Molasses will help feed microbes within your soil like great white and mammoth p.
30. How do I tell when my plants are ready to harvest?
  • Check trichomes with microscope and they will go from clear to milky to amber
  • Want to see 10%-20% amber before pulling plants down
31. What is the best time Cycle for Veg Stage?
  • 18 hours light on
  • 6 hours lights off
32. What is the best time Cycle for Flowering Stage?
  • 12 hours lights on 
  • 12 hours lights off
33. How often do I need to calibrate my ph meter?
  • Every 30 days or if you drop the pen by accident
34. Should I have a fan in my grow room/tent?
  • Yes, air circulation is very important for plant health and structure
  • Make sure all leaves are moving and your fan is oscillating 
  • Fans will deliver much needed Co2, help prevent diseases and also regulate heat
35. What is the best PPM nutrient levels during Veg Stage?
  • 300-800
36. What is the best PPM nutrients levels during Flowering Stage?
  • 800-1800
37. What is lollipop-ing?
  • Trimming up all the bottom leaves to a certain point on the plant
  • This will help increase the size of the top flowers
  • Will also help direct the plants energy to the correct nodes
38. When should I top my plant?
  • Wait until you have at least 4-5 Nodes before beginning to top
  • Keep doing it every few weeks through veg stage
  • Helps increase yield, decrease height, and makes plant easier to work with
39. How far away do I keep my lights from plant?
  • HPS light needs to be 18″-24” 
  • Double ended 36″-48″ 
  • Led depends brand but typically 12″-24″
40. What do I have yellow tips on the leaves?
  • Too many Nutrients given at last feeding.
  • Light Stress – Make sure lights are not too close to top of canopy
  • Watering deficiency
41. Why are the plant tips curling DOWN?
  • Typically, a sign of overwatering, plant disease of pH Deficiency


42. Why are my pant tips curling UP?
  • Humidity is too low, raise humidity or try spraying water
  • Temperature is too High
  • Light is to strong
43. Can I clean my air stones?
  • We Recommend buying new Every time. They build up too many bacteria over time and can harm your grow
  • Muriatic Acid – is what we recommend if you choose to clean them
44. What is the best material to put on the walls of my grow room?
  • White and black Poly film
  • Panda Film
  • Reflective Silver Film
45. Why should I use Silica Supplements in my regimen?
  • Helps with heat stress and strengthen stems
  • Help with Pest and disease resistance
  • Strengthen plant cell walls allowing pant to hold heavier fruits
46. What does NPK stand for?
  • Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium (K). 
  • The 3 numbers in order on the front of the bottles
  • (N) – Important for Veg (P) – important for Flower (K) – Important for Flower
  • Higher Nitrogen (N) – Veg Stage 
  • Higher Phosphorus (P) – Flower Stage
  • Higher Potassium (K) – Flower Stage
47. What are the different types of growing methods used hydroponically?
  • Aeroponics
  • DWC deep water culture
  • NFT (Nutrient film technique)
48. Can a 600w bulb go into a 1000w ballast or vice versa?
  • NO – wattage levels must match due to power output
49. What are the benefits of using Beneficial Microbes?
  • Bigger Roots and Faster Growth during transplanting
  • NOT TO BE USED in Hydroponic systems. 
  • Recommended Products: Recharge, Great White, Myco Jordan
50. How & When should I Flush my Plants?
  • At end of flower for 1 week 
  • Standard 7 – 10-day flush
  • Recommended Products: Botanicare Clearex, Foxfarm sledgehammer, GH Florakleen, Athena Cleanse, Cleangrow Watermax
51. Best Usage of Clay Pebbles or Hydroton in Hydroponic Systems
  • Always rinse off before use – This removes the red dust that will harm the plant
  • Used in Hydroponic systems as the growing medium
52. How often should I change the water in my Hydroponic system?
  • Every 4-7 days is recommended
  • Topping off (adding more water to existing tank) is NOT RECOMMENDED as the nutrient balance can change and become inconsistent.
53. Can you run 2 x 1000w ballast on Dual outlet timer?
  • No. They can only manage around 1700 watts
  • 1 x 1000w Ballast = 9.2 amp (Timer box max out at 15amps)
54. How often should you replace HPS/MH bulbs?
  • 9-12 months of use
55. Light Leaks and how to prevent them
  • Light leaks can stress out your plant, interrupt your light cycle and can introduce pests
  • Never go in your room when lights are off in flower or even peak in. 
  • Make sure there are no power cords or meters with light on in your flower room either.
56. How do I cut a clone of my favorite plant?
  • Cut on 45 degree and with sterile scalpel or blade just below a leaf node.
  • Immediately dunk into cloning gel for 30 seconds, then into cubes or cloner
  • Place the cuttings under a dome and spray the leaves with purified water. Continue to spray the cuttings with water every 2-3 days.  Ensure the media remains moist throughout the propagation period.
57.What happens to my plant Growth when switched to the flowering stage?
  • Plant will grow roughly 30%-50% bigger than in veg stage. 
  • Can Double in height, so remember to top your plant or switch from veg to flowering cycle in time to keep your plant growth under your lighting fixture.
  • Plant will require more phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) gradually, while lowering Nitrogen (N)
58. What is the best hydroponic nutrient line?
  • cleangrow
  • clean line that will not clog up lines
  • made specifically for hydro systems