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Grow More Water Soluble Mendo Bloom 9-21-12, 25 lbs

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Mendo 9-21-12 Bloom, 25 lbsGrow More's Mendocino Producer's Choice line of water soluble fertilizers are the most advanced powders we've ever created. They are 100% water soluble formulas containing a properly balanced mixture of all essential plant nutrients with quality-enhancing elements; calcium, magnesium, DTPA/EDDHA Iron, carbohydrates, amino acids and no artificial dyes or colorings. This Mendocino line provides highly efficient, performance nutrients as a standalone base nutrient or as a vegetative and bloom stimulant. For use in soilless, hydroponic, organic soils and coco coir systems. Water Soluble Bloom is complete with secondary and micro nutrients.

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Weight25 lbs
Dimensions14 × 3 × 22 in






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