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Biobizz Try-Pack Outdoor, pack of 3 (250 ml ea)

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  • Brand: BioSafe

Trypack Outdoor, pack of 3-250ml

If the climate in your region allows it and outdoor cultivation is your choice, but you don't know how to start, let Biobizz make it easy for you! Try the Outdoor Pack, one of the new Try-Packs from Biobizz.

Grow like a pro with a high quality complete pack that has been designed to be easy to handle, easy to use, easy to combine*, and easy to pay.

The Outdoor Pack contains Bio-Bloom, Fish-Mix, and Top-Max. A combination that will allow the outdoor grower to gain experience with the Biobizz organic fertilizer's range as it provides basic feeding for 1-4 plants.

Biobizz Fish-Mix contained in this pack boosts all of the natural minerals and (micro) organisms and stimulates the production of useful bacteria. The high levels of proteins will also help to create a rich organic outdoor substrate. But remember, don't try it indoors or you will have to keep the windows open for a week!

Let the organic growing experience begin with Biobizz Try-Packs!

The Outdoor Pack contains the following:
• Bio-Bloom 250 ml
• Fish-Mix 250 ml
• Top-Max 250 ml

*Use with any other Biobizz products or Try-Packs to maximize crop and minimize costs.

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Weight2.15 lbs
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